Friday, April 15, 2011

Workout regimen of Gwyneth Paltrow?

As a followup to my previous article about how Gwyneth Paltrow lost her baby weight, we have some more information from Ms Skinny on how she stays fit as revealed in an interview.  What she has said will not surprise many of us who know that there is not shortcut to weight loss and cutting back on calories and ramping up your workout routine are the only things that work.

Paltrow basically lays it out in simple English that there is no fairy dust or her genetic makeup or a coincidence that she is slim and fit.  She basically works hard at it by including at least 45 minutes of cardio workout daily except for weekends.  After that she does an additional 45 minutes of strength training making it a total of 90 minutes five times a week.

Now if she has been on vacation or overeaten a bit, she immediately raises the duration to two hours six days a week.  It does sound like a lot but ladies if you can't do it then don't expect to look young and beautiful like her.