Monday, May 10, 2010

Does baby food diet work?

A personal trainer to Hollywood celebrities, Tracy Anderson came up with a strange idea that adults could eat baby food and lose weight. There is absolutely no scientific rationale for grownup women eating like babies, but because baby food comes in small packages, has very few harmful substances added to it, and you will feel guilty eating 6 jars of baby food, you will lose weight simply because you will not eat enough. And to make sure that you do not die from starvation, know-nothing Tracy Anderson recommends a normal dinner, something that the morning banana diet does too.

And desperate that celebs are, apart from many others, Jennifer Aniston is sold on it, claiming to have lost 7 pounds it one week. Actually, simply being aware about losing weight and controlling what you eat, can help you lose that much weight so the secret is not baby food. Anybody can do that by simply eating less calories.

I don't know if it makes any sense at all but Tracy says that "I developed a cleanse where you can still eat and it's a lot of puree foods. I was very careful about the foods I chose to put in it. When you do these liquid cleanses I felt a responsibility to come up with something. Liquid cleanses do help you lose weight but you will gain more the next week. I wanted something where you can eliminate toxicity, break bad habits but still have your digestive system going. That is when the baby food cleanse was born."

The bottom line is that unless you look as good as Jennifer Aniston and are trying to lose just a few pounds, don't waste money on baby food. On the other hand, if you look like the most of us and are trying to lose lots of pounds, eat less calories and burn the fat with serious workouts. That simple, time-tested path often shown on The Biggest Loser is what will definitely work.

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