Friday, November 21, 2008

Kellie Pickler breast augmentation

Photo of celebrity Kelly Pickler in a strap less gown showing cleavageI think since plastic surgery is safe and viable option for anyone to change their appearance, why should anyone have a problem with it? But should we disclose it? Well, celebrities definitely should, since they are public figures, and if they don't volunteer that information, the tabloids will find out anyway.

I had a family member who had a "secret" tummy tuck but had to disclose it to her mother once she got quite sick during recovery and had to disclose it to her sisters and mother so that they could watch the kids while she recovered.

A celebrity that definitely seems to have had breast implants but has yet to disclose it is Kellie Pickler. What do you think looking at this picture? Can this cleavage be from a pushup bra or are these just natural breasts?


Eric said...

I say natural, if you look at her high school prom photo, she had quite large boobs there too, I think this is just with a little bit of help from a push up bra! I could be wrong though, I hope she did not go and do that.

Anonymous said...

I don't care what she did or din't do, to me she is one of the hotest looking women around. Each year she gets better lookin