Tuesday, November 11, 2008

How did Salma Hayek lose weight after pregnancy?

Photo of Latin celeb Selma Hayak with baby ValentineSalma Hayek, the mother of Paloma Valentina, and ex of Francois-Henri Pinault, has some sagely advice for moms about losing weight after pregnancy.

Yes, as doctors suggest, breastfeeding has many benefits for the child, but it does not guarantee that you will lose weight. According to Salma, "the myth that says you lose all this weight when you breast-feed? That is sooo not true."

I know it sure does help your body work harder but if you continue to overeat and not watch your calories, the weight will not come off. Even worse, you might even gain a few pounds.

In the end losing weight is all about maintaining a healthy balance between calories consumed and burned. So I am back to repeating that working out and low calorie diet are keys to losing weight.

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