Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ricky Martin gay dad?

Photo of Rickie Martine with his kidsSo Is he or Is he not? From all the Latinas that I have met or have written to me, they would marry Ricky Martin in a heartbeat. Some say that they will do so even he is gay.

So why is they guy still single, or to the best of my knowledge, almost never seen with a female?

I don't think that it implies he is not interested in women, but his latest step to become a dad using a surrogate mother, makes me feel more inclined to believe that there is some substance to the rumors about his homosexuality.

It is awesome that Ricky Martin has chosen to be a dad and I am advising all my Latina fans to join to relaunch their dating efforts so as they do not spend the rest of their lives single.

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