Friday, September 12, 2008

Christina Aguilera hot mama

Photo of Cristina Agulera in a low cut dress showing cleavagePregnancy can be very hard on a woman's body. Weight gain, stretch marks, and sagging our almost universal. Even Salma Hayek, a Latin celeb that I admire a lot, has changed since her daughter Valentina was born.

Now, as is very clear from this photo, pregnancy has been a blessing to Christina Aguilera. She confessed in one interview that her breasts became as big as E cups and it seems that there is no going back for her. She is definitely proud of her chest and is not afraid to show it. Hot mama, indeed.


Johnny said...

Christina is indeed a very hot Mama.

Anonymous said...

umm...implants! check her out in her 'come on over' video-she has nothing there! although i did totally adore her body,,