Thursday, September 18, 2008

Selena Gomez Another Cinderella Story

Photo of Selina Gomes in Cinderela movieSome Latina celebs have been around a short time but the impact that they have had on pop culture is tremendous. Some of the celebrities I am talking about are America Ferrara or Ana Ortiz. It is time to add the name of Selena Gomez to the list because she has had a huge impact on pop culture with her music, and now, the movie Another Cinderella Story.

I do not want you to ignore her great sense of style, particularly the elegant dress that she wore and how she used a simple leather belt to create an interesting look. A perfect Latin beauty.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Ricky Martin gay dad?

Photo of Rickie Martine with his kidsSo Is he or Is he not? From all the Latinas that I have met or have written to me, they would marry Ricky Martin in a heartbeat. Some say that they will do so even he is gay.

So why is they guy still single, or to the best of my knowledge, almost never seen with a female?

I don't think that it implies he is not interested in women, but his latest step to become a dad using a surrogate mother, makes me feel more inclined to believe that there is some substance to the rumors about his homosexuality.

It is awesome that Ricky Martin has chosen to be a dad and I am advising all my Latina fans to join to relaunch their dating efforts so as they do not spend the rest of their lives single.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Christina Aguilera hot mama

Photo of Cristina Agulera in a low cut dress showing cleavagePregnancy can be very hard on a woman's body. Weight gain, stretch marks, and sagging our almost universal. Even Salma Hayek, a Latin celeb that I admire a lot, has changed since her daughter Valentina was born.

Now, as is very clear from this photo, pregnancy has been a blessing to Christina Aguilera. She confessed in one interview that her breasts became as big as E cups and it seems that there is no going back for her. She is definitely proud of her chest and is not afraid to show it. Hot mama, indeed.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Jessica Alba in Esquire

Photo of Latin celeb Jesica AlbaaIt is always nice to see Latin celebs on the cover of magazines but it is also interesting to note that many of our mags have overseas editions, and rightfully so, they often are not exact translations. They often feature local stars but in this version of Esquire in the Czech Republic, Jessica Alba does look awesome. I like the profile in which you can see her Latin curves.