Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How do I subscribe to a blog?

1. What is blog?

A blog is simply an online journal with pages (often called posts of entries) that update whenever there is new information. Here I will update whenever I come up with new gossip on Latin celebs.

2. How can I read a blog?

Simply add this page to your favorites and visit every day.

Or you can read this blog in a reader. That way whenever you check your email in Yahoo or Google or Hotmail or any other website, you can simply read the blog right there.

3. How do I read a blog in a newsreader?

Look in the right sidebar for "Subscribe To My Blog Please." Please click on it and and you will be given options to subscribe. Simply pick your favorite reader and follow the instructions. If you are a savvy reader, here is the feed.

4. What information is collected about me and what about my privacy?

I do not even know if you have signed up and no information is being collected about you. You can also read my privacy policy here.

5. Where can I get more help?

Just shoot me an email. My contact information is here.

6. How do I unsubscribe?

It is easy. Just delete by clicking the delete button on your reader.

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